Well the blog got off to a great start and then came to a screeching halt for a few days. And not because of writer’s block. Oh no, quite the opposite. I have several partly written posts as my mind jumped from one idea to the next. But then I started thinking things like would people be interested in this? And maybe I should really be writing about this. And maybe there should be some order to this.

And then I realized what I’ve always known – my mind is pretty random. Thoughts connect in weird and wonderful ways. I’m the queen of non sequiturs. Believe me – it’s quite the ride sometimes. So no more shoulds, woulds or what if’s. Just ramblings in no particular order and for no particular reason.

And so with that in mind, here is today’s random post.

The rains have come back with a vengeance. I, for one, am having November flashbacks. Luckily, we haven’t reached that intensity again. B
ut I started thinking about the flooding and how bad it was and hoping it didn’t happen again.

And staring out the window at the intense rain, I was watching as a torrent of water passed by on the road in front of the house. Down what has now become basically a canyon sized river bed since the first floods. After that getting down our road became an extreme sport. Like watching thos
e shows where monster trucks compete to see who can traverse the roughest terrain. Watching anyone walk down the road was like watching someone failing a drunk test as they weaved their way over and between rocks and crevasses.

One day I looked out to see a cement truck stopped in front of the house. I was elated! I’ve seen other places on our road where these trucks will expel the last of their load before heading back to Puerto Plata. Bring it on! This feeling was short-lived as I watched it sputter out the tiniest bit of watery cement. Like trying to fill in the Grand Canyon with a bucket of cement. Later another truck did dump a bigger load but for some reason it ended up with dozens of big, deep footprints in it effectively making it, well, not very effective. And a great place for standing water and mosquito breeding.

Then a few days later, about the time other Costambar potholes were being filled with dirt to try and alleviate some of the driving difficulty, there was a great deal of crashing and breaking noise on our street.

Turns out some of our larger potholes were being filled with broken ceramic tile. Piles of it. Obviously from someone’s home improvement project.

This made for some tricky driving as they were literal piles. Like little ceramic mountains. Luckily, and this is the only time you will hear me say luckily about this, we get lots of big trucks and equipment on our street. And they crushed them easily.

But for days, honestly, it sounded like a Greek wedding on our street – what with all the breaking ceramic. Every time a vehicle went down our street, crushing tons of porcelain in its wake, you felt that any minute you would hear shouts of ‘Opa!’ and that maybe a Greek wedding party would be joyously dancing a Syrtos down the street.

On the up side – it was virtually impossible for anyone to sneak down our road. Even on foot, you made a hell of a racket. You would have had to zip line down our road for us to not know you were coming.

The vehicles have smashed it to small pieces and compacted it down to acceptable levels over time. In fact, looking at it this morning on our walk, I noticed continued rain and traffic have actually managed to push it down below the (remaining) asphalt.

It should make a nice base if one of those cement trucks has an inclination to dump it dredges.

4 thoughts on “The Road Less Travelled – For a Good Reason!

    • costambarmonthly says:

      First – thanks for reading!!!
      Interesting that it means different things in different places. Now I’m sure I’ll have a lot of Dutch readers wondering ‘why would people be yelling grandfather when they drive down her road?’ Man, this blogging thing is hard! hahahaha

  1. Mark Savelsberg says:

    On the up-side it was free!
    On the other up-side it will probably last longer than the work done in La Mulata by the 3 Haitians, a barrow of caliche & 3mm of tarmac that they asked USD100 per property for …

    Keep up the good work Cindy!

    • costambarmonthly says:

      Thanks Mark! Yes, free is good! And it did help and has held up even after this latest heavy rain. And wow! For US$100 I’d want a superhighway!

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