Oh where to begin?

The Costambar Monthly was started in September 2002. Although this is hotly debated by the editor and the cofounder. There was a prototype issue prepared by the cofounder in August 2002 to test the waters and gauge interest in such an endeavour. It was rudimentary but did garner a fair amount of interest.

I will confess that I was reluctant to become the editor (and almost everything else) of this new project. Funny, now that it had become one of the things I am most recognized for here on the North Coast. And I love creating it every month – well, most of the time!

From the beginning our little publication was well received. We developed a devoted and loyal readership and faithful advertisers. People loved it! And they have continued to love it over these almost 15 years. Through all the growing pains and all the mishaps – and there were many.

It has evolved as such things have to. And as my abilities and talents grew and my learning curves flattened out it has become something that we are proud to produce.

We are so grateful for the advertisers who have stuck with us. And our readers around the world who faithfully look for the latest issue every month. And the people who find us online and use CM to plan their trips. And the people who keep all the old issues for their guest to read. And the people who constantly recommend us to new readers and new advertisers.

There’s nothing like seeing people reading the CM and sharing a joke and a laugh together. Or planning to go to an advertised event as a group. And I’m always astonished when people thank me for the work I do.  Well we couldn’t do it without all of you.

As we go forward we will continue to grow and learn. Just look at this new website for example!

Here’s to many more years of Costambar Monthly and to not wasting anymore days without laughter!